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Friday, 8 January 2010

Apostles, detail from mural at All Saints, 8 x 10'


  1. Hello Sean,

    I discovered your work while doing some private research on Russian icons. Your rendering of the Archangel with head of John is incredibly exercuted (no pun intended).

    I am a nationally published poet (create images with words) and a retired professor of poetry from University of Wisconsin.

    Best wishes toward continued success. We don't see much egg tempora these days. Possibly more rare than doing encaustic painting.

    Do you know the work of Fritz Faiss who studied under Kandinski and Klee at the Bauhaus? Probably not. Saw a rare exhibit of his work here in Wisconsin.

    If interested I can e-mail a few samples.

    Best: Doug Flaherty

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for your comments. I haven't seen that artist's work, and I'd be glad to check it out. If you ever need any work done to supplement your poetry, I'd be happy to consider it. Regards,